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This is my original pixel art tileset, 'Dead Swamp'. It's supposed to depict a sickly, sinister, maybe even cursed swamp, filled with mouldy, maze-like wooden structures and decaying plants and is therefore the perfect habitat for venomous or undead creatures.

The tilesheets were made and formatted for RPG-Maker XP, but you are free to edit them for your needs and use the set in any engine. If you need help or a different formating, especialy concerning the ground tiles that are laid out in the RPG-Maker "autotile"-way, feel free to message me.

The Set consists of the "Dead_Swamp_v4" tilesheet, which is the main tilesheet that includes the wooden structures, the dead trees and basic ground tiles, and is basically the core tilesheet that can be expanded upon with the other tilesheets as needed. Then there are the two ground tilesheets "animated_swamp_water.png" and "swamp_dirt.png", which are formated for RPG-Maker XP, and help further define the ground.
The tilesheets "tree-trunk-swamp.png", "translucent shrooms.png" and "shrooms.png" are additional tiles that can be added to the main tilesheet where needed.
The remaining files contain animated characters or objects that I made for the tileset, such as a wind chime, some animated bubbles, or a voodoo-character.

Terms of Use are in the README.txt

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Sprites, Tileset, Top-Down


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I'm working on making this work for MZ instead of XP... But it's good stuff!

The contrast looks really low on my screen - is it possible your monitor is doing something funky?  (I had that problem a few years ago working with pixel art).  I like the details on the mushrooms but I have to boost the contrast on the palette to make them pop.

Well, I kind of went for a somewhat low contrast intentionally, because I wanted it to look murky and steamy. But of course you are free to edit it however you want :)

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Could you combine all of the folders into one .zip file? It makes it easier to manage, and works better for the itch.io app, which cannot store two folders of the same name

Yeah, you're right. A zip-folder would probably be more convenient.

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That's true. Amazing tileset :) I have rmXP so if one day I use it, I will find usage for this tileset :) Thanks.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing!

glad you like it :)