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This is a collection of pixel art assets that can be used to create a jungle environment dominated by aztec architecture. I am aiming towards a clean and colourful, almost minimalistic style and have tried to stay true to ancient aztec culture, which I research and use as reference as I go along.

The set is tailored towards RPG Maker XP, so its based on 32x32 pixel tiles and the animated tiles are organized as autotiles. Feel free to edit them to fit your engine's needs or message me if you need help with that.

Currently the set includes:

  • a tileset focusing on natural elements of a jungle on the one side and on aztec architecture on the other
  • animated aztec characters (4-directional, 4 frames)
  • animated water autotiles
  • autotiles for foliage
  • autotiles for ground tiles
  • animated tiles for a waterfall (size can be varied)
  • giant jaguar head statues
  • animated water plants

Some other assets, such as UI elements, or animated objects are planned and/or already in progress.

The pack is still under construction, so many of the files here will be changed and updated in the future and some assets are still incomplete or in an early, rough version.

I am making these assets to support indie gamedevs who may not have the budget to buy or commission assets for their projects. So rather han publishing finished sets, I like to get you guys involved in the process, so you can help me shape these bundles into something useful for your projects. So feel free to send me any suggestions or other feedback that you have.

Terms of Use are in the Readme file.


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clean-calm-water-animation.png 2 kB
waterfall-autotile-test.png 4 kB
jaguar-statue.png 46 kB
water-objects.png 1,008 bytes
template-aztec-NPC1.png 4 kB
template-aztec-NPC2.png 4 kB
template-aztec-NPC3.png 5 kB
template-aztec-NPC4.png 4 kB
Leafs.png 2 kB
Leafs2.png 3 kB
jungle-foliage-ground1.png 1 kB
jungle-foliage-ground2.png 2 kB
README.txt 736 bytes
jungle-ruinsv3.png 62 kB

Development log


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Would you mind moving these folders within a single .zip file as well?

Since this pack is still in active development, I will change out files fairly often. So I think I will only put them in a zip folder once it's complete.

Hi, nice work.  I didn't see temple included even though shown in images.

(3 edits)

Hi! Glad you like it!
The temple can be built from the tiles in "jungle-ruinsv2.png". You will have to assemble it using the wall, floor and stair tiles in the tilesheet. This might take a bit of practice, but breaking buildings down into tiles instead of using one big sprite allows way more creative use of architecture.

Ok, thanks